Culture Programs

Ballet de Camagüey

The classical ballet ensemble Ballet de Camagüey was founded on December 1, 1967 by Vincentina de la Torre Recio. For two decades it was led by Fernando Alonso, founder and creator of the Cuban Ballet School.

Ballet de Camagüey’s repertoire includes over 260 works in various styles, including classical, romantic, neoclassical and contemporary. Performances primarily take place in Camagüey’s Teatro Principal. Ballet de Camagüey is located outside the city in a beautiful spot, surrounded by trees and gardens. Next to the large ballet hall are a studio that produces sets and costumes and a small ballet shoe factory.

Camaquito supports the ensemble’s infrastructure, productions and the artistic development of its talented young Cuban dancers. We have also funded artistic exchanges, for example with Peter Breuer, director of the Salzburg Ballet, and Gonzalo Galguera, director of the Magdeburg Ballet. In addition, we support the Fernando Alonso Center for the Promotion of Ballet and Dance. The center offers children and teenagers opportunities to spend their free time in a more productive way, to develop their talent for dance and cultivate their aesthetic sense.
These programs positively influence children and teens’ physical and psychic development, improving their chances of leading healthier lives.


Camagüey Children’s and Youth Symphony Orchestra

Founded on October 9, 2009, the symphony orchestra is made up of 70 children and teens between 8-18 years old who attend the Luis Casas Romero art school or the José White music conservatory, both in Camagüey. The orchestra is directed by a rotating graduate conductor from one of Cuba’s arts academies. Moving in and out of the position every one or two years, these young conductors develop their practice and repertoire in Camagüey.

Camaquito helps the orchestra acquire and maintain instruments, improves the educational environment in the music schools and supports the young musicians’ artistic development, for example by organizing a “master class” with foreign musicians in Camagüey.


Café Literario

Camagüey’s Café Literario was launched on October 20, 2009. These cultural spaces are led by the Cuban NGO Asociación Hermanos Saíz. Café Literaro provides a gallery for young artists, space for video screenings and debates, an internet café (free for young Cubans!) as well as a menu of daily rotating activities like small concerts, lectures, and workshops. Café Literario also organizes various national festivals that celebrate young Cuban artists. For several years, Camaquito has worked with Camagüey’s local AHS representatives to provide funding for technical equipment and furniture, and to help coordinate the festivals.


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